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Delwobble's master, the summoner


Obtain Heart of Shadows by completing missions or killing Shadow warrior / Shadow larva in the dimension of White Templar and bring them to NPC Delwobble's master, the summoner (in the basement behind Silversky Castle).

The Heart of shadows have a weight of 1.

The NPC Delwobble's master, the summoner offers to summon a small boss against 1 heart or a big boss against 5 hearts. With 10 hearts you have the choice. The summoned monster spawns in the room near the NPC.

A monster appears randomly among the list visible in the table below and a message warns the players in the game.

If two monsters are in the room, the NPC will refuse to summon another.

The NPC does not accept two uses of 10 hearts in a row. After using 2×10 hearts, it accepts a maximum of 5 hearts!

You must donate 5 hearts to reset its usage counter and once again have access to the 10 hearts option.

Name Specificity Heart of shadows required
Death Jester 1
Black prophet 1
Mad Madrigan 1
Bane Blackblood 1
Dark noble 1
Dark cleric 1
Heretic warrior 1
Mortal wombat 1
A powerful hunter 1
Lord Stonecrest 1
Flesh golem 1
Bloodlust 1
Fenris wolf 1
Spirit of Oberon XP x1.5 5
Cerberus XP x1.5 5
Keior the dragon XP x1.5 5
Sethef XP x1.5 5
Rombe XP x1.5 5
Kanarg XP x1.5 5
Spirit of Oberon XP x1.5, the monster is necessarily summoned 10
Cerberus XP x1.5, the monster is necessarily summoned 10
Keior the dragon XP x1.5, the monster is necessarily summoned 10

Special monsters that summon, teleport, or activate messages during fight don't do so here.