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How to play?

To sign up for the game you must use God of Nea. You can fill up the following form:

The account will be activated immediately.

How to connect on the website?

To connect on the website you can click on body shaped icon on the top left of the wesite:

Forgotten account?

You can get your account information back by using Recovery form.

A new password will be sent to you by email.

How to download the game?

There are two ways to download the game. From the website's main page:

Or by using The game's page of the website, at the bottom you'll find:

How to install the game?

Once you've downloaded the executable godofnea.exe. You must then install it on the directory of your choice.

Then launch the game from the shortcut on your Desktop God of Nea.

Why does my antivirus notify me?

Every time you launch it the game will check if there is any update available. Some antiviruses can interpret this as false positive.

In this case you must confirm to your antivirus that everything is OK.

The game closes on its own?

If the game quits without warning, it is possible that your antivirus is causing this. To correct this action, you can open your security software and set the God of Nea game folder to a no-scan/no-check rule (exclusion rule).

Thanks to the exclusion rule, your antivirus will no longer interfere with the game.

The game doesn't launch?

If the game doesn't launch you can use Microsoft_Visual_C++_2008_Redistributable.exe and Microsoft_Visual_C++_2015_2019_Redistributable.exe softwares that can be found in the game's directory.

This will install Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable software.

After an update, the following message may appear:

Windows cannot access the specified devise, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

In this case, you must open your security software and put the God of Nea folder as an exception. The error is common for Avast users.

Why is the game so slow?

To check out if the game is unusually slow you can write the command !fps in game.
The drawing value is displayed. A number greater than 29ms is synonymous with a problem.

Download the file unzip it and place the ddraw.dll v1 or v2 in the main directory of the game where the files gon.exe and gonupdate.exe are located.

The drawing value must drop and the game must be more fluid! With the ddraw.dll you have to keep the game at 32 fps.

Also, having multiple screens on your computer can slow down the game.

Strongly recommended for Windows 10.

How to toggle performance mode?

You can toggle the performance mode this way:

Breakdowns on the internet?

The game server is hosted by OVH US on the east coast of the United States in Virginia.
It can happen that one or more failures on the internet make the game unstable if you are in Europe.

Why is there an update's error?

If the game displays an update's error you can delete all files in the Download's folder of the game. Restart the game, everything should be fine.

Install vcredist_x86.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe that can be found in the game's directory.

You can manually get the updated executable using this link

How to modify the game's settings?

In the game's directory you can use the gonconfig.exe's executable. You then have access to several options.

You can use the God of Nea setting's executable on your Desktop.

Settings do not save?

Close the game and then delete the Dialsoft folder that is in your Documents folder.

Open the game. If the decompression of the music is displayed, the manipulation has been done correctly.

This kind of problem can be caused by software occupying the use of the Documents folder, such as synchronization software. Please note that the Dialsoft folder is not synchronized.

Software that can cause these problems are for example OneDrive, Google Drive, DAEMON Tools, Avast, ..

How to modify my account?

Once connected, the following buttons appear:

By clicking on the body shaped button the following menu is displayed:

A page appears and allows you to modify several settings of your account like the language of the website, the level's visibility of your characters, wether or not you activate your character's profile sharing, personal bar and many other things like your email or password's modification.

How to buy Ecu?

Once connected on the website the following buttons appear:

By clicking on the cart you'll be able to choose a character that will receive the purchased Ecu.

How to see my purchase's history?

Once connected on the website the following buttons appear:

By clicking on the body shaped button the following menu is displayed:

A page appears and allows you to have a recap of the purchases that you've made on your account.

Saved accounts?

The game client allows you to save multiple accounts.

This record is made in the file Connect.txt (Dialsoft folder that is in your Documents folder).

You can easily clean this file by opening the game, selecting an account and pressing the Clear button.

Modify the accounts file?

The Connect.txt file is located in the Dialsoft folder which is located in your Documents folder.

You can open this file with any text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.

If you wish to modify this file, please respect the structure presented below:

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