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Tournament of the seasons

What's this

The seasons tournament allows you to participate in a tournament that takes place over several days.

You choose when you want to be summoned for a fight!

Only a referee can launch the convening order. Once launched, a system lists the number of characters available and teleports randomly two characters in the arena zone. A referee is present to start the fight once both participants are ready.

Your character can not be summoned if he has already participated in a fight a few minutes ago. The system assigns you a delay that varies from 25 minutes to 60 minutes of waiting.

Registration / unsubscription

Write the command .reg on to be called.
Write the command .reg off to avoid being called.

.reg off does not cancel your previous participation. The command only allows you to pause!

To write the command your character must be at least level 125.

Maximum number of fight

A tournament of the seasons starts with different settings such as its duration in day and the maximum number of combat took into account per character. This last parameter defines the maximum number of combat which allow you to obtain points in case of victory.

If this number is set to 10 then you can participate in as many fights as you want but only your first 10 fights allow you to earn points.

It is important to stay available throughout a tournament even if you have reached the maximum number of fights! This allows you to prevent other players from earning points.

Rules, rewards and ranking

The rules of the tournament and its ranking are here.

When two players are summoned they have 5 minutes to start the fight. If a player does not fight within 5 minutes he is counted as a loser.

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