Terms and conditions of use

Indications, recommandations, responsabilities, obligations and described rights are applicable on all proposed services (website and game). Discussion channels are by default considered as public. Discussions taking place on private channels are considered as private and so does private messaging.


I. Responsibilities and fair play

Every user is responsible of his behaviour. No one can be considered irresponsible of the account whose he is the owner. Is considered owner of an account every person who initially signed up with his email address.

It is forbidden to hold any kind of speech deemed as unlawful by the french law, such as xenophobic, racist or defamatory speech. This also applies to sexually explicit speech.

The staff reserves itself the right to proceed to targeted analysis of private discussions in-game following a complaint for harassment or defamation.

Acting as a member of the Staff is strictly forbidden and can lead to permanent ban.

The staff cannot be held resposnbile for a lack of protection regarding your computer or your internet connection.

Any attempt to hack available services or the use of any unauthorized program can lead to a permanent ban.

Any bug or glitch encountered by players shall not be exploited in any case and shall be reported to a staff member. An user exploiting this situation could be permanently banned from the game.

Each player must be behind his screen when his character makes an action wich needs human intervention ( commands, movements, dialogs, etc). The use of a third-party program is thus forbidden by the game. Wich includes any unofficial software wich modifies gaming mechanics or experience.

Stealing items or gold on the ground or present in the inventory (via a skill) is allowed.

Certain practises are not really considered fair but allowed. By example using its character to block a path or a door. This practise will only be allowed in PVP zone.

The staff will never ask for your personnal informations (identity, postal code, credit card numbers, password, etc.).


II. Rules regarding PVP (players versus players)

The game offers to players the opportunity to fight each other. No rule prevents this action, including during special events suggested by the staff.

Thus being a PK (player killer) is allowed in the game. By extension and in the same context, using monsters to kill an other character is allowed.

It is allowed to hunt a player to kill him therefore to prevent him to stay at one place in the game. A player will always find a zone to continue to play.

The staff reminds you that dying in the game leads to a loss of experience, item present in the inventory, equipped item and gold.

Keep in mind it is forbidden to insult, wether it is in PK case or not.

Depending on the seriousness of the facts the staff will proceed to one call to order only and then to a permanent or temporary ban.


III. Role and staff's commitment

The staff is composed of volunteers present to help the community as a whole developping the game universe on their free time.

No modification will be brought to a character. If a player learnt a spell or a skill, it is his own responsibility.

The staff commmits to be impartial, to adopt an ethical and mature behaviour to bring a safe game space for the community.

The administrator reserves himself the right to suspend or dismiss staff's privileges if it abuses its functions. In the case of an issue with a staff member please use the support. An investigation will be opened and there will be no tolerance for the one who makes himself guilty of a serious lack of ethical behaviour, inherent to his function.


IV. Sanctions

The staff reserves itself the right to temporary or permanently restrain or suspend one user's access to his account if his behaviour goes against the present rules or encourages to disrespect them or who would harm the community by his behaviour. Friendliness in relations between players is required, there will be no tolerance towards harrasment or insults. The staff isn't held to systemically awnser to question concerning a complaint, the administrator being the only one able to do so.

The administrator reserves himself the right to modify the terms of use of these services without prior notice.

No user is supposed to ignore the content of the present rules wich apply from their release to their update.


V. Character deleted

The user has the possibility to recover a deleted character. The recovery time limit is 30 days after the deletation.

To recover a deleted character please use the support.

After this time limit the character will be definitely deleted.



The support website is the only means of access to the company's customer support.


Last updated: August 3, 2018