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Bonus stage


Escape from your current position to arrive in an area of plenty. Find the best way to take advantage of it before the end of the stopwatch!

Get it

Kill one of the 16 monsters present in the Territory of Fighters and at the White Templar then try to obtain one or more Bonus stage.

Use it

Use your Bonus stage scroll and your character is randomly teleported to the special area. You have 5 minutes to exploit it then your character is repositioned on its starting position.


  1. Some chests / Oracle bonus chest 1 / The chest of the animator+
  2. Lots of chests / Oracle bonus chest 4 / The chest of the animator+
  3. Skraug munchhuntor, Skraug bludfightor, Skraug madlimbmanglor and Skraug totemherbdoktor (Skraug Corpse 1, Skraug Corpse 2 and Skraug Corpse 4)
  4. Leprechaun and Gremlin
  5. Kraanian plague, Kraanian reaper and Kraanian stomper
  6. Great wolf and Obsidian assassin (MC Chest 4)
  7. Gangrene carrier, Wraith bat and Spectral knight
  8. Groot, Mordenthal Dungeon 6, Oracle bonus chest 2, Oracle bonus chest 3, Fighters chest and The chest of the discord
  9. x2: Bloodlust, Black prophet and Dark cleric (respawn: 60 minutes)
  10. x2: Bane Blackblood, Heretic warrior and Dark noble (respawn: 60 minutes)
  11. x3: Death Jester (respawn: 20 minutes)

The chest of the animator+

The normal chest contains 780 items, but the chest+ contains only 532. It offers less unnecessary and low level items. You can open it with your animator key.

The chest of the discord

This chest is filled every 6 hours and announces to everyone when it will be full again with a countdown from 30 minutes remaining, 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes remaining.

It drops a maximum of 1 item at each opening from among the items on the following pages:
Armor (except orbs)
Shield and other
Jewelry (except Sapphire bracelet enchanted)

When the server starts, the chest is full!


The area hosts a passive and immobile monster with 20 000 000 HP. The monster appears each time the server restarts in area 8. The monster killer gets 3 000 000 gold.

The scroll has no weight, is indropable, and is destroyed in the case of disconnection for more than 2 minutes or reborn.

If your character is disconnected in the Bonus stage for more than 60 seconds, he is placed in the Temple of Lighthaven.

Repositioning your character at the end of the timer only works if your character is still in the Bonus stage.

If you have more than one scroll you can use a second one just before the end of the timer to reset the 5 minutes.

When you use a scroll, a message announces it to all other players.

The area is 50% drop in PVP.

Be careful not to be expected at your return point! A trap happened so quickly!