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Event live


While connected, your character level 70 and above gets 2 event points every 30 minutes and 4 points if he is in a 50/100% drop zone.

Unite to activate an event!

Use it

Teleport to the island Shop and choose the event that interests you. Click on the corresponding sundial and follow the steps.

By clicking on a sundial you can see how many points are missing for the event to activate.


Event Description Duration Points
The Purge All PVP deaths react as if you die in 100% drop zone 360 minutes 5000
Bonus Stage Apparition a portal to the fountain of Stonecrest to access into the Bonus stage 60 minutes 4000
God of Nea {Projection} Summoning the boss in the Bonus stage 2500
Block Teleport (WT/Ptang) Blocking teleportation for WT/Ptang 300 minutes 4000


When an event is activated a general message is displayed followed by a reminder every 20 minutes. A message is also displayed during your connection.

Your points are reset every first Tuesday of the month. Remember to use them at the right time!

You can give points in increments of 20 and this to several sundials.

The sundials remember the given points from one server restart to another.