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- Gem -

Gem of the Stars

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Chest: No Return chest 2


If you use the gem, you get bonus of air power, necromancy, earth, fire, light, water, air resistance, necromancy, earth, fire, water, Rapid healing and Meditate skill.

To have access to the different bonus you have to wear the Drachenrobe or the Drachenplate.

The more Gem of the Stars you have, the bigger the bonus is and the longer it takes.

If you have 20 Gem of the Stars and you use one, then you earn the following bonuses:
+ 20 air power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 necro power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 earth power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 fire power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 light power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 water power (Drachenrobe)
+ 20 air resist (Drachenplate)
+ 20 necro resist (Drachenplate)
+ 20 earth resist (Drachenplate)
+ 20 fire resist (Drachenplate)
+ 20 water resist (Drachenplate)
+ 100 Rapid healing skill (Drachenplate)
+ 100 Meditate skill (Drachenrobe)
Duration: 110 seconds