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- Quests -

At the Lighthaven Fountain, look for a NPC named Vincent Swiftblade (2830,1150,0). Talk to him and he tells you that he needs a group of heroes to assault three different camps. Tell him yes, details, Olin Haad then Tarnian Wolfmane. It gives you more details about your quest.

Head to the West Lighthaven Bridge and once past it, go north. You arrive at the 1st camp, easy to identify with the catapults. Kill 15 Mercenaries until the Mercenary Lieutenant comes. Kill him and head to the 2nd camp, located just northeast of where you are. Kill 15 Mercenaries and the Mercenary Lieutenant once again.
Head east and follow the path until you reach the 3rd camp. Again kill the 15 mercenaries and the mercenary lieutenant.

If the mission is successful you will receive the following message:
As the mercenary lieutenant falls lifeless, you hear a loud war call from the northern camp.

Follow the path east (the road circles the mountain and continues west) until it ends. Continue west and you come to a few abandoned houses. Find the mercenary leader and kill him.

Return to Vincent Swiftblade. Tell him reward.


  • 3 000 XP multiplied by your level
  • 5 000 gold