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- Potion -

Potion of fury

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Monster: Bane Blackblood, Ghundarg Rumblefoot, Madman, Mad Madrigan, Centaur Champion, Heretic Warrior, Mad Berserker Demon, Acid Zombie, Bandaged Horror, Bonedead, Bulldaoza, Dark Axe, Dead Bolt, Death Chosen, Deep One, Doom Guard, Grudish Earchewer, Headsmasher, Minotaur Chieftain, Minotaur Warrior, Night Hunter, Orc Berserker, Orc Guardian, Shrieking Horror, Skeleton Warlock, Stinkbreath, Taunting Horror, Rombe, Kanarg, Sethef, Nemere
Chest: […]


Increase your strength by 10 points for 5 minutes.