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- Quests -

Renewable: Yes

Kill the monsters¹ in order and talk to the NPC The apothecary (1547,2563,0) located in a house in Silversky:

  1. Halfa (Arakas crypt close to point 2)
  2. Betha (Profondus cave close to the lake)
  3. Gamah (Giant rocks cave close to point 1)
  4. Deltha (Oracle zone close to point 1)
  5. Hepsylon (Territory of Fighters close to the lighthouse)
  6. Zetha (Makrsh Ptangh fortress outdoor of room 8 to the south)


  • Choice of a potion (x125) among 14 possibilities

¹ No drops, no experience/gold and 50 to 80 minute respawn.

The potions

Type Formula
Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom (self.level*1-185)*5)
Attack, Dodge, Archery (self.level*1-185)*7.5)
Earth Power, Water Power, Dark Power, Air Power, Fire Power, Light Power (self.level*1-185)*1.5)


Quest possible from level 185.

A global message announces the name of the killer for each monster eliminated.

Functional potion from level 186.

Renewable quest only after using all potions chosen later.

Weight of 0 and indrop.

Bonus based on character level.

10 minutes of effect per unit.