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Name STR END AGI WIS INT Level Description
Attack Determines whether a physical attack hits or misses. This skill does not have a maximum training limit.
Dodge Determines whether a melee or ranged attack is avoided or not. This skill does not have a maximum training limit.
Archery Determines whether an arrow hits or misses its target. This skill does not have a maximum training limit.
Equipment points Determines the points required based on your equipment to enter the Territory of Fighters.
Taunt Allows you to stop a player's disconnection countdown.
Stun blow 25 20 3 Allows a character to attempt a physical strike that will temporarily disable his opponent.
Peek 30 5 Allows a character to glimpse at another character's inventory.
Pick lock 40 12 Allows a character to open a door or chest by bypassing the locking mechanism.
First aid 20 20 12 Allows a character to mend the physical injuries suffered during combat. Note that the skill can fail, worsening the wounds instead of healing them and that first aid cannot be performed on others.
Hide 34 20 13 Allows the character to hide itself from view, or hide items that are on the ground.
Powerful blow 50 30 15 Increases the amount of damage done during physical combat.
Meditate 30 30 16 Increases a character's ability to regain lost mana. Once initiated, the skill is effective until the character moves, attacks, casts a spell or performs any other action.
Rob 50 17 Allows a character to steal an item out of another character's inventory. The peek skill must have a rating of 25 before rob can be learned.
Search 25 20 Allows a character to find items or characters that are hidden in the surrounding area.
Sneak 75 24 Allows a hidden character to move around and remain hidden. If the skill fails, the character will become visible.
Armor penetration 75 40 30 25 Allows a character to pinpoint the weak spot in his opponent's armor, thus reducing its effectiveness in absorbing damage.
Rapid healing 80 30 Increases a character's ability to regenerate lost hit points.