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- Quests -

Renewable: Yes

When The Oracle rebirths a character, a chest appears 20 minutes later at the end of the invisible bridge of Stoneheim.
A countdown announces the arrival of the chest at 20, 15, 10 and 5 minutes.
If the character is good, the chest that appears may be the Redemeed, Blessed or Pure. If it's an evil character, it can be Malignant, Cursed, or Bane.
If a chest is spawning, no other chest can be summoned. You have to wait for it to open.

The character who opens the chest receives the following:

  • Puzzle piece
  • 75 000 XP multiplied by your level
  • 1 000 gold multiplied by your level
  • Invocation of a boss

The puzzle pieces are exchangeable between players.

Bring the various pieces of the puzzle to the NPC John Spilsbury (910,85,0) who is located outside the crypt of the invisible bridge of Stoneheim.

  • Piece of the Bane
  • Piece of the Blessed
  • Piece of the Cursed
  • Piece of the Malignant
  • Piece of the Pure
  • Piece of the Redeemed