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- Quests -

Once you've completed access to Raven's Dust, return to Hermit Antonian and click on it. Tell him yes and he tells you that you have found all of the Arakas Connecting Stones.
He also tells you that you need to find his friend living in the town of Silversky.

Continue the dialogue by saying scholar.

Go to the Silversky, the town of Raven's Dust.
Find Scholar Aquinos (1557,2405,0) in Silversky Temple and then tell him where.

Exit the town through the south gate, continue on the path west, reach the Grott, a green monster, and at the first intersection, go west. Pass the one-eyed Quardos lair and continue west again. You arrive in front of a row of mountains. You will find the entrance to the cave there.

Once in the cave (816,2435,0), look for the Nameless Bard (1656,2574,1), tell him remnant.

Go down through the passage at the bottom of the bard, leading to the southeast, and find the tree. Click on it and you get the Wisdom Branch.
Now go through the passage leading northwest from the bard and find the fountain. Click on it and then use the Knowledge Branch.

Return to the Nameless Bard and speak to him. He tells you that you have found the Word of Power opening the great doors of the Devil's Lair. They are located near the northernmost point of Raven's Dust.
In order to reach it, you must pass through areas of darkness. He also tells you that it is your curse! Say curse and he tells you that he was also chosen one day and also cursed…

Head all the way to the north of the island and enter the cave.

Once in the cave, head west then north and continue until you reach an exit.

Exit and continue northwest, through the cemetery, until you see A gate keeper (695,1323,0).
Click on him and he tells you that the mausoleum behind leads to the shrine of the ancient God of Corruption, Gluriurl. He also tells you that only the one who knows the word of power is allowed to enter. Say ethereal then yes.

Inside the mausoleum you must kill the 4 Vicars and recover their crystal keys.

Vicars location:

After killing the 4 Vicars, enter the portal (951,2330,1) which is to the west and head west again.
Find the red carpet then follow it until you see the dragon, Crimsonscale.
Talk to him and say Council of the Eight.
Talk to him again. Say something and he gives you a Gem of Flames and a Vial of Dragon Blood.

Head to the Great Library located east of the entrance to the Raven's Dust Crypt.

Go to the 3rd floor and speak with the Custodian.
Tell him Rite of Passage. It gives you a riddle.

Talk to him again. Tell him yes, to look upon one self, one must only have eyes, to recognize one own ignorance then one must open these eyes.
Tell him access then yes and you are teleported to the 4th floor.

Talk to one of the booksellers. Say yes then heart.

Head to Olin Haad Castle in Lighthaven.

Talk to Olin Haad, say dare and you are teleported to a small room with Olin Haad. He attacks you and since you cannot kill him, let him kill you.
After this difficult moment, talk to Olin Haad again. Tell him remain.

Return to High Priest Gunthar. Tell him Efnisien.

Go see Efnisien and tell him entrance. He tells you that the entrance is in the downstairs room behind the locked door.
But Olin Haad has found an alternate way to get in and he's already inside the temple.

Go to the desert of Raven's Dust and head south until you reach a new row of mountains. Look for the entrance to the crypt.

Opposite this is Ramirgo (402,2613,0). Talk to him and say enter. It teleports you inside.
Follow the dungeon wall and kill Chaos Demon, Terror Demon, and Darkness Demon. The order does not matter.

Now head to the middle of the dungeon where you find 3 portals.
Enter one of the three and you come to a small room. Click on Lothar and you receive the Caledbolg.

Now take care of the Raven's Dust Nexus:

Once you have placed the Rune Stone Tablet on all the Connection Stones and completed your access to Stoneheim, return to Hermit Antonian and tell him unlock.

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