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The enchantment


Bring the original weapon and ingredients to the NPC dedicated to enchanting it.

An enchanted weapon that falls on the ground loses its enchantment. This type of weapon is not skinnable.

Location - Windhowl

  1. The enchanter of the wands
  2. The enchanter of the bows
  3. The enchanter of blunt weapons
  4. The enchanter of warrior weapons


Type Ingredients
Wands 1 000 000 gold, Original wand, Cloak of renewal, Robe of the Arch Magi, Golden emerald encrusted tiara, Runed malachite diadem, Deific healing potion, Silver spoon of the Prophet, Ring of confidence, Pouch Of Yellow Powder
Bows 1 000 000 gold, Original bow, Wolftooth necklace, Ethereal amulet, Potion of nimbleness, Dragonscale boots, Shaman mantle, Crude skraug bow, Bow of the Spiders, Ring of the forester
Blunt weapons 1 000 000 gold, Original weapon, Dragonscale armor, Potion of fortitude, Deific healing potion, Ring of the forester, Athena necklace, Necklace Of The Black Heart, Shield of the Damned, Ring of the lion
Warrior weapons 1 000 000 gold, Original weapon, Mithril blade 3, High metal bastard sword 3, Ring of the forester, Potion of fury, Ring of the berserker, Straight jacket, Dragonscale gauntlets, Bracer of leaves

Success rate

The success rate depends on the number of equipment points of the weapon.

Equipment Points Partial failure Total failure
3 40% 5%
4 45% 5%
5 50% 5%
6 55% 5%
7 60% 5%
8 65% 5%
9 70% 5%

The NPC can fail the enchantment in two ways:

  • Enchantment partially failed, you only get the original weapon
  • Completely failed enchantment, you lose all the ingredients and the original weapon

Enchantable Weapons

Type Items
Wands Wand of the Clever, Wand of Ogrimar, Wand of Artherk, Wand of Stone, Wand of Tempest
Bows Cedar composite bow 3, Lancewood composite bow 3, Black Locust composite bow 3, Dragon tree composite bow 3, Bow of Nea 3
Blunt weapons Ancient morningstar 3, Ancient eveningstar 3, Mithril morningstar 3 two-handed, Mithril eveningstar 3 two-handed, Morningstar of Nea, Eveningstar of Nea
Warrior weapons Ancient blade 3, Mithril broad axe 3, Ancient scimitar 2, Ancient bastard sword 2, Adamantite two handed sword 3, Ancient two handed sword 3, Ancient broad axe 3, Ancient scimitar 3, Ancient bastard sword 3, Axe of Nea

The bonus

Type Bonus
Wands +Power, +Equipment Points, -Weight, +Dodge
Bows +Archery, +Equipment Points, -Weight, +Dodge
Blunt weapons +Attack, +Equipment Points, -Weight, +Dodge
Warrior weapons +Attack, +Equipment Points, -Weight, +Dodge

If the enchantment succeeds your weapon receives a mix of bonus ranging from 0 to a random number.

To know the possibilities of enchanting weapons please click here.