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The fallens


Like humans and seraphs, the fallen are among the playable races in the world of Nea.

Get it

Create a level 1 human character and activate the quest by speaking with the NPC Syl the revenant present in the temple of Lighthaven.

Kill Goblin x200, Tarantula x400, pink skraug x600, Ogre of the valleys x200, B'thastan x400 et Sethef¹ x1

Once finished, speak with the NPC Lyn the revenant present in Sir Beltigan castle.

A level 1 human who has access to the NPC The teleporter or who has the teleporter scroll cannot start the quest.
A seraph that has access to doppelganger portals and rerolls as a human cannot start the quest.

¹ The real Sethef or that of Delwobble's master, the summoner.


  • Fallen points to distribute in the point room like a seraph x1
  • Aura of a seraph x3
  • Attributes of a seraph x3
  • Access to all areas of the game without level restrictions, …, White Templar, Makrsh P'Tangh and Doppelganger (after completing the usual quests)
  • Access to exclusive human equipment/spell
  • Wings dedicated, unique, and with bonus +1 all power, +2 all resist, +4 all stat, and +8 AC
  • Name in orange
  • Aura of combat in blue


  • XP x2
  • No access to experience reward for NPC Ronda, Meltar Goanvach, Khan Wulgworth, Wajpoothin and Sheriff Grant Hornkeep
  • No access to convert Goa to experience
  • 50% experience loss on PVM death
  • Gem of Flames not usable
  • Automatic HP/MP recalculation disabled
  • No killer experience for the boss Rombe, Kanarg, Sethef, Nemere, Spirit of Oberon, Keior the dragon and Cerberus (same with Heart of shadows)
  • No access to group bonus experience for the boss White Templar and Makrsh P'Tangh
  • No access to the quest The alchemist's requests
  • Orb of experience gives 3 250 XP multiplied by your level