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- Quests -

You must be level 50 to start this quest. To go to the end, it is better to have completed the quest Tome of Arcane Knowledge before starting this one.

Harvester Of Life quest consists of killing the three Harvester Of Life located on each island, one per island.

Head to Windhowl and speak to the Windhowl sentry (1816,1297,0) located at the town gates. Tell him help then yes.
He tells you that behind the gates is Hel, the Harvester Of Life of Arakas. Look for her (1663,1040,0) and click on her until she becomes a Nephilim NPC. Kill her and you receive the Spirit Stone of Hel. Return to the Windhowl sentry and say reward.

If Hel has been activated and she is wandering around Windhowl, you must find her or wait for her to be killed.

Now head to Filandrius located at the Great Library in Raven's Dust (1066,1686,0). He sees Hel's Spirit Stone and tells you it's interesting. Say names and it gives you the name of the 3 Harvester Of Life:

  • Hel
  • Jormungand
  • Fenrir

He also tells you that once the 3 souls of stone have been gathered you must find a portal in the town of the centaurs.

Head towards the Tower of Zhakar. Go west and pass over the stone circle. Follow the mountain line and turn east at the first opening. Continue east and you find Raven's Dust Harvester Of Life, Jormungand who also looks like a nephilim. Kill him and you receive his stone soul.

Now go to Stonecrest and take the north exit then go immediately west following the sea to the north. You find Fenrir of Stoneheim. He also looks like a nephilim. Kill him and you receive his stone soul.

Now go to the centaur town. Pass the castle and go east. As soon as you pass the small lake, head south. You arrive at the portal (1129,1190,0). He takes the 3 Stone Souls, shuffles them, and teleports you next to the Harvester Of Life. Kill him and you get the Crystal of Providence.

If you take too long to kill him, you will automatically be teleported outside. In this case you have to redo the three stones.

Go back to Filandrius and say burden. Filandrius takes the Crystal of Providence.


  • Gem of the Immortals
  • 1 000 XP multiplied by your level
  • 2 500 gold multiplied by your level